RESPONSIBLE GAMING POLICY 1.1 Occasionally, casual gambling can become a problem. Cheza Cash understands the potential risks of gambling, and it’s our responsibility to make sure you are aware of these risks. Cheza Cash believes in responsible gaming and is committed to endorsing responsible gaming among its customers as well as promoting awareness of gambling problems and improving prevention, intervention and treatment. 1.2 Cheza Cash is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya and is a strong advocate of responsible gambling. 1.3 Cheza Cash’s customer care agents are fully trained in offering advice and help to anyone affected by gambling. ChezaCash works closely with renowned therapists who offer their services to those affected by gambling. 1.4 Self-assessment 1.4.1 In order to maintain control of your gambling habits Cheza Cash would like you to keep in mind the following points: Gambling should be done in moderation and undertaken as a form of leisure not as a genuine way of making money. Avoid chasing losses. Only gamble when you can cover the losses. Keep track of the time and monitor the amount of money you spend. Choose to limit how much money you can stake during a calendar week. Should you need a break from gambling then contact us at 1.5 If you are concerned that gambling has had a negative impact on yours or someone else’s life then the following questions may help you find out: 1.5.1. Does gambling prevent you from attending work or any other duties? 1.5.2. Do you gamble to pay debts or solve financial difficulties? 1.5.3. Do you gamble to pass time? 1.5.4. Do you gamble until you lose all your money? 1.5.5. Have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money and time you spend gambling? 1.5.6. Have you lied, stolen or borrowed to maintain betting habits? 1.5.7. Are you reluctant to spend gambling money on anything else? 1.5.8. Have you lost interest in family, friends and other hobbies? 1.5.9. After a win, do you have a strong urge to try and win more? 1.5.10. Do you prefer to gamble than spend time with your family or friends? 1.5.11. After losing, do you feel you have to try and win back those losses as soon as possible? 1.5.12. Do arguments, frustrations or disappointments make you want to gamble? 1.5.13. Do you ever feel depressed or consider harming yourself as a result of your gambling? 1.5.14. Does gambling cause you to have difficulty in sleeping? 1.6 Betting Limit 1.6.1 ChezaCash has a maximum limit of Ksh 20,000 per bet slip. 1.7 Protection of Minors. Cheza Cash only accepts participants who are 18 years and above. In order to offer the best-possible protection to minors our participants are required to submit identification documents during the registration process. Although we dedicate a lot of time and resources to ensure there are no minors playing, we feel this prevention works best as a shared responsibility between us and the minor’s parents/guardians. Below are some tips to assist in protection of Minors, 1.7.1 A parent or an adult should not leave your computer unattended when logged in to their Cheza Cash Account. 1.7.2 All ChezaCash accounts will be Password-protect. 1.7.3 A parent /participant should not allow persons under 18 to participate in any gambling activity. 1.7.4 A Parent /participant should keep their ChezaCash Username and password safe. 1.7.5 A parent/ participant should keep your credit/debit card(s) out of the reach of children. 1.7.6 A parent / participant should not save passwords on their computer. Write them down and keep them in a safe place, away from minors 1.7.7 A parent /participant should limit the amount of time their children spend online and make use of filtering software to prevent children from accessing inappropriate material. If you are worried that someone underage is using our site, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we’ll take the necessary protective steps. You could also use internet filters to reduce the chance of underage gambling in your home: 1.8 Participants’ Security At Cheza Cash we take the responsibility of securing our players details based on the guidelines stipulated by the Betting Control Licensing Board, exclusion of minors from the product line-up and the protection of privacy, which involves responsible dealings with data and payment processing. Fairness and the random nature of the products offered are monitored closely by our competent team. 1.9 Regular Identity Checks. At Cheza Cash we will take stringent steps to ensure that only people of legal age of 18 years and above participate. For one to open an account with Cheza Cash one must provide their national identification number ,passport number or drivers licenses number these and other personal details will help us verify the age and identity of new customers. 1.10 Self-Exclusion. A participant may at any time, request temporary or permanent exclusion from participation in Cheza Cash. The self-exclusion options available include: 1.10.1 Brief break/Cooling-Off: – The account is suspended for at least 24 hours to 1 week 1.10.2 Temporary Suspension: – The account is suspended for at least: 1 month, 2 months or 3 months 1.10.3 Long-Term Suspension: – The account is suspended for at least: 6 months, 1 year, to 2 years.